{simple pleasures}: a list

Life's most simple pleasures:

  • Having a bladder.  Seriously, I haven't had one for the last 3 months and being able to not pee every 30 minutes is wonderful.
  • Sleep.  And yes, she's getting up to eat every 2 hours, but still those hour and a half naps in between on my back, my sides and even my stomach are the best thing that has ever happened to me.  There is nothing like restful, peaceful, no-hurt sleep.  Mmmm.
  • Sweet newborn noises.  Ohhh...I love.
  • Sweet newborn smells.  I love to just breathe her in.  I keep panicking that it's all going too fast already and Jon keeps reassuring me that I need to just enjoy while I can.
  • Bending, Lifting and being generally mobile.  I missed so much.  I do love being able to pick up Paisley and love on her again-it's so much easier without a giant belly!
  • FOOD.  I can eat!!  I want to eat!!  I LOVE to eat again!!  Oh, it makes me so happy!
  • There is nothing like taking a nap with a newborn snuggled on your chest.  I just love to savor every moment....
We are enjoying our little Stella.  And I couldn't be happier now that I'm not pregnant!!


  1. The things you take for granted! Phew. I think it's safe to say- I'm jealous of your list right now... but only for another week or more. And then we'll really party. ;)

  2. I'm glad you're so happy. It is a blessing to have those sweet feelings, and it's wonderful that you enjoy those little moments.

    She is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see more fun photos.


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