{questions}: and answers

Here are the most common questions I have been getting and some answers:

  • More details??! Stella was 7 lbs 6 oz when she was born and 19" long.  She had jaundice so we had to stay an extra day and keep her under lights, but she was checked this morning and her bili levels are doing much better!
  • Will I do it again?  Yes.  Absolutely.  But give me a couple of years.  I really have no desire to be pregnant again for a LONG time, but as far as having that next baby naturally goes, I'm in.  I think I'll do an entirely separate post about this.
  • How is Paisley doing?  Soooo good.  I was super, super worried about this and she has been awesome.  She loves Stella and has been surprisingly patient with me nursing and very loving and helpful towards her.  I was worried about leaving her with my Mom and everything and she was super good for her too.  Hopefully this lasts and continues!
  • How's nursing?  Busy.  She is really into cluster feeding in the middle of the day and the middle of the night.  Like every hour.  Our first night home was really rough, but last night was much better.  She really, really does not like sleeping on her back, so I may have to break some rules and let her sleep on her tummy.  Or maybe her sides.  We'll see.
  • How am I?  So good.  I feel great and I just want to get into a routine so that I can feel normal, but at the same time I realize that may take a bit.  I'm tired too, but holding up really well.  Having my Mom here has really saved the day.  She's let me sleep in the mornings and taken care of Paisley.  She had to head back today and will be greatly missed!!
  • How is Jon?  Tired.  And a little bit sick with a cold.  He seems better today than he was but he crashed after everything went down.  He's been working a bit this week since I had my Mom here and will be with me the rest of the week and some of next which will be nice.
Company has been nice-we've had just the right amount this time around, so if you'd like to snuggle a newborn you're more than welcome ;)  We really appreciate all of the love and support we've received-we have the best friends and family in the world.  And we just love this new little girl. ♥


  1. yay main questioned answered was the ok to come snuggle stella...my 4 month old is getting too old..me need new born. Oh and my last two babies only slept on sides and tummies..I think you'll be ok esp if she is getting up often and in the same room with you!

  2. lol please tell me that "a LONG time" means at least four years. Maybe you and I can have our next ones together, eh? Colt will be nearly 5 and Stella will be nearly 4. It'll be perfect ;-)


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