{infirmities}: spring

I'm beginning to feel like this is becoming a tradition...every year spring hits and every year I get really sick every 2-3 weeks.  I'm done.  I quit.  The worst part?  Paisley has allergies too.  For the last 3 nights she has whimpered all night long in her sleep and all day long in her awake-she's teething on top of it, and to make matters worse, has a killer black eye that has to be contributing to her headache:

(these are from Jon's cell phone so they aren't the best...)  She also went ahead and found the food coloring yesterday and she now has one pink hand and one blue hand.
If any of you have ANY suggestions for allergies, I need them.  I am dying.  For reals this time.  It's really, really bad.  I took Nyquil and it didn't even touch them!  It's bad!  Since none of the normal medicine is working I have been trying a neti pot, the Las Vegas allergy mix drops under the tongue, apple cider vinegar, and I'm trying to get my hands on more local honey-I don't think I was taking enough of it regularly enough. 
I'm tired of being sick every couple of weeks...I don't know what I need to do.  I've really been eating healthier, exercising and taking vitamins more regularly...my sleep schedule has been better...IDK!!!  Any and all advice is welcome...and hopefully one day soon I will stop whining!


  1. Have you tried AllegraD? You have to ask the pharmacist for it because you need ID to purchase it, but it is technically over the counter now and seems to be helping Andrew's hay-fever(?).

  2. My mom works for an allergist, so I've been blessed to have access to prescriptions and shots most of my life.

    The shots seem to help quite a bit, but I'd imagine they're very pricey. RX meds save my life when it comes to allergies. Seriously skip the nyquil. Benadryl's pretty stinkin awesome for hives and eczema, but it will also probably knock you out cold. If you can't do prescription, I like Zyrtec which is sold over the counter now.


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