{infirmities}: day 4

Right now I am on a mission to cure my allergies-not just treat them with meds.  I am under the impression that it's possible to cure them-I have read a lot about it and I believe it's possible, I just need to find out what's going to work for me. 

Currently I have invested in a neti pot.  While it is not a complete fix, it does seem to be helping.  I also am drinking 1/8 C of Apple Cider Vinegar once a day.  It is nasty, and the worst thing ever to ingest!!  It also may be helping.  I'm also taking Las Vegas Allergy Mix drops under the tongue.  They're basically a homeopathic method-they're supposed to help me build up an immunity to the things that I'm allergic to. 

I believe I'm a good candidate for building up an immunity to things because I'm not allergic to my cat.  I am allergic to every other cat I come across-indoor or outdoor-to the point that I break out into hives, but I am no longer allergic to my own.  I feel like there is some significance to this.

So I appreciate all the suggestions for medication-but I really have tried them all with zero results.  I wouldn't be in this state if they hadn't stopped working.  (And yes, I have tried ALL of them-I've had allergies my entire life, believe me I have)   And really I want to try and get away from treating allergies solely with meds SO that next time I'm pregnant or nursing I still have something I can do. 

Luckily something I'm doing is beginning to work, so I'll keep posting on progress because I'm really excited that I may have found a cure!  (at least for me ;))


  1. Oh my gosh Im in the same boat..i have had the worst allergies for 3 weeks and they wont goooo away. This hasn't happened since Missouri and even then they werent this bad. I may have to try some of your suggestions.

  2. I hope it works for you. It is no fun to be sick.

    One thing: the ear nose and throat specialist I went to had me get the Neil Med sinus bottle, instead of the neti pot. I think it just gets further up into your sinuses. But my problem was sinus infections, so maybe the Pot is a better choice for allergies. I swear by that silly bottle now. I didn't use it at all for a day last week, and the next day my sinus headaches returned. Lesson learned.


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