{love}: jon

I didn't have the chance to write on our anniversary, so I'm a bit late-but I still wanted to write.  Califonia was wonderful.  I love this man so much.  We celebrated 6 years of marriage on the 12th of March-and we still like each other!! 

After a short trip home to Idaho Falls, I realized how much safety and happiness I have in marraige.  Really, how much safety and love I have with Jon.

High School was tumultuous, college was crazy fun and lonely-full of heartbreak and angst.  This sweet kid who had no idea what he was getting himself into rescued me-drowning in an ocean of hard emotional issues and filled me with light and love.  We rescued each other.  We've healed each other.  He is my happiness, my love and my very best friend and I can't think of a greater blessing in my life than him.  I love him so much-with warmth and safety that grows more every day.

i love you poo muffin.


  1. So, that totally made me tear up a little. You two are so perfect for each other. <3 you both mucho!


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