{whine}: diagnose me

I can't decide if I need to seek medical help or not.  I don't know if I just have the lingering infection from the Broncitis, or if it's just the weather, or allergies, or everything combined...I don't know.  My complaints:
  • I wake up every morning with a pounding headache.  It roams so I can't pinpoint it to a specific spot-sometimes its in the back, sometimes in the front.  Tylenol is effective for about 4 hours-but it wears off and my head starts pounding again.
  • I also wake up with a neck/shoulder ache as well.
  • I'm all stuffy because of allergies.  Ug.  I've started snoring worse which is keeping Jon up and I don't think I'm sleeping as well either.
  • I'm tired.  Always.  I have really tried my best to be more active, or get more sleep, or relax more-nothing.  There is no difference if I go to bed at 10, or if I go to bed at 2-I feel the same!!
  • I still don't have my full lung capacity.  My lungs are all goopey, making Zumba and other exercise rough.
  • I've lost almost all drive to do anything.  Normally I care that my house is a mess and such but I just don't have the energy to do anything about it!  I've really tried to force myself to get out and do stuff so I don't feel so awful but it's not helping...
Almost every Spring I go through a mild depression but I really am not depressed.  I'm happy mentally, but my body is sad right now... For the last 4-5 days or so I've just been loading up on Ibprofen and Tylenol and taking some allergy meds and I can at least fake it, but I'm tired of doing that too!!  For headaches I hesitate to go to a traditional doc because I don't really want to be medicated-but at the same time if it is a lingering infection then that could be super bad too!!  I just don't know what's wrong with me!!


  1. Yeah, I think maybe you need to see a doc, friend. Sounds pretty miserable. Feel better darling!

  2. Girlfriend, sorry to hear you aren't feeling well :( Your post is a clear indicator that it is time to go to the doctor! I would also bring a written list of everything you've been going through for the last few weeks/months and a list of questions.

    Big Hug!
    Anna x

  3. YES go to the doc. that all must sucks to be going through! and still you are happy and friendly as ever! i hope you get to the bottom of this, and that its nothing too bad!! luv ya!

  4. Go to the doctor, and have him/her order you a round of labs. That would give you more clues then anything else. Do a renal panel and a CBC, at the very least. I'm guessing you have some things off, or you wouldn't be staying sick for this long. It is NOT worth not doing anything.

    By the way, the sinus rinse bottle I once whined about is now my best friend. I use it twice a day, and my sinuses are clear for the first time in 2 years. It's Neil Med brand, and I use the little packets that come with it. You may also want to consider going to see an ear, nose, throat specialist.


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