{update}: paisley

It's been awhile since I blogged about Miss Paisley.  I love her.  We have so much fun.  I think I've been wanting to hibernate lately-I don't know if it's allergies coming on or if I'm still just getting rid of the Broncitis but the more tired and unmotivated I am, the more Paisley just wants to be a busy.  I think spring and life have hit her and she is a BUSY BODY. 
About 2 weeks ago marked 18 months for her-which is still so crazy to me because Jon and I still look at each other sometimes and wonder where she came from?  Some fun new things that she recently began doing include:
  • Using "uh-oh" as the universal term for-"I need help" to "I'm doing something I know I'm not supposed to"  Yesterday she stood at the bottom of the stairs pointing up and saying "Uh-oh!!  Uh-oh."  She wanted me to go upstairs and get her blanket with her...
  • Just yesterday she learned the word "no."  She's still trying it out, but I think it's going to be popular for her and I'm not super excited...
  • She now knows the word "cheese" and "shoes."  Cheese sounds more like "cheee" and she only knows it in reference to cheese sticks, but it is super cute.  If you say the word cheese, however, and do not produce cheese she will wildly demand cheese until she gets it.  We've taken to calling it queso unless we have some for her...
  • She is finally getting better about holding my hand on the way out to the car.  I don't know what it is, but she really likes running towards traffic as fast as she can! 
  • Anytime I begin with the phrase "Are you supposed to be..." she immediately replys with "uh-uh" (as in no).  I don't even have to finish what I'm saying and she replies with "uh-uh," unfortunately, she doesn't usually stop what she's not supposed to be doing...
  • She loves her blanket (snuggles), and must have that specific one to sleep.  Luckily we have 2 that are innerchangeable, but I still worry.  She also is a thumb-sucker and I'm now just starting to worry about that.  She only sucks to go to sleep and usually doesn't sleep with the thumb in her mouth...but ug.  We'll see how that goes...
  • She loves being nude and if she gets away from me while in the nude it's really hard to try and catch her.  She's a bit of a free-spirit I guess...
  • The other day it was time for her nap so I looked at her and said "It's time for babies to go to bed."  She stopped what she was playing with, grabbed her blanket, and headed up the stairs and was waiting for me, arms outstretched next to her crib.  I am so grateful she is such a good sleeper!!  She loves her sleep like we do ;)
  • She loves reading-she grabs books all the time and comes and sits down on my lap with them so I'll read to her.  That's something I fondly remember my Mom doing with me and I love doing it with her!!
She is generally happy and sweet and we love her so much.  Yesterday my sister took her to play at the park and had her for several hours and I didn't know what to do at home by myself!!  I've grown so used to having her around and worrying about her I forgot what it was like to just be home by myself!!  I'm just wondering what we used to do for entertainment before she was around!! ♥


  1. Darling picture. These pumpkin heads grow up way too quickly! She's just so precious. When our girls are healthy at the same time, we should hang out again! ;)

  2. This was a hoot. You always made beelines to the street also. Your first words were "da da," for you were my little buddy. I couldn't wait to get home from work everyday, just to be with you.


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