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So I cried at Zumba today. Actually I bawled. It was a little embarassing. I went up to tell our instructor April thank you for the class and to tell her how much I love Zumba and instead I started crying. And she hugged me. And just let me cry for a minute. I'm crying right now thinking about it...wow this is embarassing. Anyway, I've been a sad and broken ballerina for a long time now and I think I finally found a home. It's been hard because as a dancer, I want to dance. I crave it. I need it. It completes me. I feel whole again when my body is worked through-warmed to the bones and sweating with movement. And I had that with ballet. I loved it. I stepped out of my chaotic life and focused solely on my movement and muscles. I miss it like a drug...like home. And I've found that home with zumba. It is a far cry from ballet and I'm still learning the movements...oh but I love it. so much. I've tried running...pilates (which I do love)...aerobics classes...treadmills...elipticals...I've even tried going back to ballet but it's not my place anymore. I'm not the starved dancer that had no problem jumping into a leotard that I once was. I've been searching and searching and I think I finally found what I needed...if you haven't tried it-you need to! Come with me! I love it...

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  1. I am glad you found zumba...I have not been brave enough to try yet. I found that same satisfaction you are talking about with yoga. I had missed dance until then...


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