{birthdays}: paisley mae

I cannot believe that one year ago today I was in labor with Paisley! Right around this time last year I was getting an epidural-very, very ready to be done being pregnant! This pic is of her around 1:15-ish she was only a couple of minutes old! Oh, and she was such a sweet little baby! I do miss snuggling her when she was so tiny! Today she is a curious 1 year old! Some of her quirks include:
  • She loves to swim and has loved swimming all summer. I think she will be a water baby like her mom. Every time I go to work out and I drop her off at the nursery we walk past the pool doors and she gets all excited because she thinks we're going to go.
  • She has only 2 teeth on the bottom and I wonder when she'll be getting more!?
  • She can crawl like crazy and stand on her own...she's thinking about walking and I think it will happen soon...?
  • She is petite for her age and is just beginning to grow out of her 9M clothes (which actually works out because then I can wait to buy her 12M until the season changes).
  • She loves baths! She likes to splash and stand up and play with her ducky.
  • She will only eat food she can feed herself-she got over baby food 3 months ago and has been eating table food ever since!
  • She loves to giggle, smile and is a generally happy baby.
  • She LOVES her daddy! And it's not fair. She light up the minute he walks in the door and even yells DA-daaa sometimes!
  • If she likes something she also calls it Da or Da-da. If shes hungry or upset she says Ma-ma-MA! its great.
  • She loves to have conversations. She especially loves it if you parrot back to her what she just said or blow raspberries back at her.
  • She is almost done nursing! (yay!) I'm going to miss it, but I'm also excited for my independence. She loves her milk and has been doing really well with it!

We just love her. It has been such and incredible blessing having such a sweet baby girl and I just can't wait for her to grow. At the same time, I don't want her to grow! It's terrible being caught in such a catch-22! She brings us so much happiness and has been so much fun! We love you Miss Paisley Mae!

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