{tmi}: oh, the pain

This post has been label "tmi" for a reason. So turn around if you don't want to know! It's not like anyone reads my blog lately anyway, so I don't really care!
My boobs are killing me! I officially ended weaning Paisley on Saturday after a 5 week weaning process of cutting out and switching one feeding a day to milk. Because I planned so diligently and took the process so slowly I believed it was a sure-fire way to prevent severe engorgement. I was so, so very wrong. So for the last 4 days I have been in excruciating pain. I feel like I have 2 giant (and for me they are giant!) swollen bruises on my chest. On top of it, I am one of the blessed few that also gets flu-like symptoms from suffering this severe engorgement. Awesome. Paisley has been taking the whole thing very well and doesn't seem to mind not nursing too much. She still likes to come up and run into my very sore chest and punch me and it hurts so very badly. The other thing that makes this extra hard is trying to explain to people that yes, I'm sick, but no...this is definitely not contagious. Why? Well it has to do with my boobs...that's why. I think I've been on a bit of a hormone trip as well...or it could just be the pain, but I'm super grumpy. I just needed to complain a bit. The bright side of all of this: I can take allergy medicine again!!! Yay! And I bought a Halloween craft magazine to keep me distracted so hopefully today I won't be quite as grumpy...we'll see.


  1. Ummm...not to discuss your private matter in public...but since you brought it up...it sounds like you might have a bit of mastitis (not uncommon when weaning) not just the discomfort that comes with weaning. I would call your doc 'cuz you may need an antibiotic. Just saying...
    Good luck love...I'm rootin' for ya!

  2. can you pump and dump and slowly reduce it over time?

    I'm no expert. and certainly have no experience! but i hear expressing the milk can help.

    And you might want to get in touch with the La Leche League in your area: http://www.lllusa.org/UT/Utah.html

    I hear they're very helpful & cool ladies!

  3. Same thing happened to me and i swear this is true: Buy a cabbage and put the leaves on your boobs. it really, really works =)


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