So I have to tell a story about this picture.  I found it on my friend from high school, Stevie's facebook and I couldn't believe it.  This is Jon and I back before we were even dating and were just starting to get to know each other.  We're both so tan and skinny!  Anyway, she had throw a party for a bunch of our high school friends and invited him because he was in our institute class and I felt bad for the kid because he didn't really know anyone.  I remember he spent a lot of time on the deck cooking hot dogs.  I was still having a hard time getting over the fact that his name was Jon, short for Jonathan and I had already planned on moving back to St George after a short summer in IF so I certainly wasn't looking for a relationship at the time.  But here we are now!  I just can't get over this picture.  The thing he says he remembers most from that night is me pulling away in my dads pick-up, he thought it was a suburban and was a bit confused as to why I was driving it.  I remember his little vw fox....awww.  We were so cute then..


  1. Oh you guys! I remember that summer--why was I not invited to that party? Jerks.

    Love you =D

  2. I'll have you know it wasn't just for high school friends, it was for a bunch of people . . . and the hs ones and Jon were the only ones who came. Why weren't you there, Jessa?

  3. That was my thought-Jessa was invited...where were you?


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