We had a very busy Easter weekend.  Jon drove the bus for the first time (woo-hoo!!) and almost took it to a big show out in Hurricane.  Unfortunately, he may have some transmission problems-we'll see, so he decided not to drive it that far.  It is, however, parked downstairs for the first time with tires and an engine and everything.  The bus has never parked itself anywhere, it has only been dragged, towed, or hand-carted to the places it has parked, so this is very exciting!  I am getting bigger, and I bought my first maternity dress for easter.  Perhaps pictures will follow-they haven't happened yet.  Jon actually asked me if I was just being lazy and relaxing my stomach and that's why it is so big.  I explained it was not laziness, but his child causing the stomach swelling...he's still not so sure about that.  Paisley is very, very active and taking on a personality.  If I have anything resting on my belly she makes sure to investigate via pushing and kicking whatever it is and she didn't mind at all that I had a bladder infection, she went right on kicking and pushing on it regardless.  Jon, Alison and I participated in a music number on Sunday.  Sarah Schulz was kind enough to help hold the pages while I played, and we performed a very carefully choreographed dance of play piano, catch pages, turn pages, and not laugh too much in sacrament while up on the stand.  It was funny.  I was so relieved to be playing the song one last time-I'm rusty and it's really hard for me to grasp how bad I've gotten.  Alison and Jon sounded amazing.  They always do.  They received many compliments on the number.  After church we headed over to Jake and Rachel's for Easter ham.  It was good.  And then Jon and I went home and dyed easter eggs.  Well, Jon napped, I dyed easter eggs.  He's very, very, very excited at the idea of this semester being over, and really, I can't wait until it is too.  I miss my well-slept happy husband.  Hope you enjoyed the update, I'm sure there will be more soon...


  1. When did we decided on Paisley May? I like it, but what happened to Chloe? ;-) Why don't you just email me pictures of your belly? I want to see it!

  2. Wow! That does sound like a lot for one weekend! I'm glad that Jon finally has is bus and I hope that there aren't any transmission problems...bummer!! I can't wait to see you belly pictures....

  3. Hooray for the bus. That's great news.

    You looked very cute in your maternity Easter Dress, I was going to tell you that. And you did great playing the piano. It is so hard when you're not doing it consistenly to pick up a song like that. (I speak from experience.)

    We're counting down the days until the semester is over, too. It can't come soon enough.


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