So I'm looking for some input about this. I'm nearly postitive that I am going to get an epidural. However, I wonder if preparing as if I am planning on going natural would also be a good idea. Really, I just want to walk into Labor open minded, because really, I have no idea what it will be like, or how bad it really is going to be. If it's bad at all. Or it could be worse than I ever imagined. Working at a Maternity store has helped and made a lot of this fear worse. Most of the first time moms are scared to death and excited. It's the 3rd and 4th time moms that freak me out. When I ask them if it's a peice of cake by this time, they usually explain that they are just as scared if not more scared than before. It's the look in their eyes that's unsettling. Like statistically they survived the first 3 or 4, but this is going to be the one that kills them. Terrifying. My other concern-if I do all of the preparation (read all the literature, take the classes, etc) to go natural, I am afraid it will be a let down when I decide I want an epidural. Just what I have started reading so far is very brainwashing-that you ARE a let down if you use pain meds. How does one prepare for a marathon that technically they can bail out of, or at least not feel half way through? Because I really feel a need to prep for the marathon...


  1. Technically, I have no business giving advice here.

    But I will anyway.

    Like the boy scouts say, always be prepared. :D

  2. dont worry about missing anything. they wont give you the epi until youre well on your way. usually at 6cm. by then you will have experienced all the contractions and cramps and sweating and vomiting and crying and possibly peeing that you will probably feel fullfilled enough. just when you think youve made the biggest mistake of the year......aaaaaa the clouds open and they save you from anymore-wendy

  3. besides, wouldnt you rather the moment when you first make eye contact be sweet relief and love and calm? thats all the epi does makes it easier for you to push when youre not screaming in pain trying to curl into the fetal position yourself. do it you wont regret it.-wendy
    p.s. why dont you call sometime dorkface?

  4. hmm, epi was much better, and when it ran out. I really felt like I might die. but when it was all said and done, it didn't seem that bad.. so I guess it could be worth it, but probably no.

  5. I discovered that the little bit of breathing and relaxation stuff I learned was really beneficial in helping me get to sleep at night as I got huge, so it's worth it just for that.

    I think the idea of being as prepared as you can, but still getting the epidural if you need it is a great way to go. Some women find they are able to stay in control and get some good adrenaline rushes and they make it through just fine.

    But there are so many variables, as you well know.

    My biggest piece of advice is to be in charge in your delivery room. Don't let the nurses push you around, if you had an idea of how something should be, fight for it.

    You'll do splendidly, I'm sure. (:

  6. Warning, novel ahead!

    With Landon, I went in at 3 cm (but no regular contranctions) and they broke my water because I had pre-eclampsia and my blood pressure was too high. I stuck it out for an hour after they broke my water, then got an epidural. I don't remember as much as I'd like from my labor because of all the drugs they had me on to keep me from having seizures, but it was only five hours long, and I pushed for 1.5 hours (he was flipped face up). The pushing was hard because my epidural was wearing off and I was really tired. The downside was that I had to be in bed the entire labor and for 24 hours afterward completely drugged up. The upside was that it was short and even though it hurt, having the epidural start to wear off during the pushing stage meant I could feel the right way to push.

    With Eliza, they broke my water again because aparently my body won't go into regular contractions on its own. This time was better because I had a midwife and so she let me get out of bed and only do intermittant monitoring. I went in at a five. Within an hour I went from a five to a nine without any pain meds, then I got an epidural. It hurt like hell but I'm glad I tried to go natural and I'm also glad I got the epidural. It was kind of the best of both worlds that way. I was especially worried about the pushing stage because Landon had broken my tailbone and I knew that would be super painful, but because I got the epidural so late, it was going strong throughout the half hour of pushing (it should have only been a couple pushes, but she got stuck - yeah, fun stuff). I was in labor for four hours. The worst part of this labor was since I got the epidural so late, I couldn't feel enough to push. And it made it really difficult to get her unstuck when I couldn't feel ANYTHING! The best part was knowing that I tried my best, but also got relief when I needed it. Oh, and not being drugged up like the previous labor was sooo much better.

    I shared all this in hopes that it helps you somehow. If I were you, I would prepare to go natural, but remember that getting an epidural isn't giving up, it's giving your body what it needs (which is usually a chance to rest and refocus). I think a first labor would be especially scary to go all natural because you don't know what's coming and they tend to be longer. Every labor is different. You may be in so much pain by 3 cm that you're begging for something to stop it all, or you may make it to a 6 or 7 before it hurts - so just go with the flow.

    P.S. Just so you know, the next week of recovery and lack of sleep is way worse than labor! Make sure you have plenty of help in case you need it!


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