{sunday}: adventures

I'm going to use a lot of religion specific terms and if you don't understand them feel free to look up more info here.

So we've been in a married ward for the nearly 8 years we've been married.  That means no primary or youth programs, no old people and no children bearing their testimony on fast sunday.  We have loved it and tearfully (and finally really) graduated this year because well, it was time.  And Pais is 3 and needs to go to sunbeams!!  (Yay!!)  We missed the first fast sunday in our new ward so yesterday was the first.  Seeing other children stand up to bear testimony was a revelation for Paisley.  She had no idea she could just walk up there and have her voice magnified to the masses.  She was immediately moved to do so the moment the first child rejoined the congregation.

She spend the trip from the back of the chapel to the front with her dress up around her neck because that wedgie just couldn't be left alone.  (Thankfully we had on the cute panties that day).  She suddenly found herself full of hesitation seeing the great mass she was about to address.  After having me pick her up she was renewed with energy and desire to testify to these masses.  I carried her to the pulpit and she resolutely grabbed the microphone.  Her address:

"Dad!!  Dad!  Hi.  (I'm furiously whispering in her ear, to no avail).  I love my princess panties.  I have a dinosaur.  Ponies?  Dad!!

I then attempted to myself bear testimony.  She just couldn't have that and realized that there was a stool-specifically placed there for short critters like herself.  She fixated on the need to stand on that stool..NOW.  She expressed her NEED to STAND ON THE STOOL NOWWW by kicking and screaming and yelling and generally testifying of her need for the stool and the microphone NOW.

Well, first impression all done.  Welcome to the new ward.  And her sunbeam teacher thought she was shy!!!


  1. Holy crap, that's awesome. How I wish I could've seen it.


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