{park day}: and some valentines

I'm regretting not taking more pictures of my own children.  I went to the park with a friend of mine today to show her some things about how to use her camera and tried to shoot some pics of my babes as well.  All I can get from Paisley is "movement" pictures...because seriously she can't even consider holding still at a park.  Stella is just hilarious and mostly seems to be wondering what in the world I'm doing with that big black thing over my face.  She is getting so big and wants to crawl soo bad!  mmmm...I love them.  Happy Valentines!

 This scowl comes straight from her Daddy.  Seriously.  It's identical.
 "What are you doing Mom?"
 Best face of Paisley from the day.  Yep. lol
Her Dad surprised her and got her a box of chocolates and some flowers too.  She was so excited!! And a bit nude (she was quite dirty after the park).  Is it weird that my child rarely wears clothes at home?  She just doesn't like to and I have a hard time keeping them on her...
We also went to an awesome Princess Valentines Party and I'll be posting some of those pics soon!!

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