{valentines}: a tea party

So our cute friend put together a princess tea party for valentines day!  It was darling and such a fun activity for the girls!  Paisley loved dressing up all fancy and I even let her put her sparkles on her eyes-her favorite.  She came downstairs all ready-jewelry, crown, heels, sparkles...and said "let's go!"  I reminded her that she also has to wear a dress...
 Pretty eye sparkles!
 This party was fancy!!  Chocolate dipped strawberries and heart shaped PB&J!  All of it was soo good ;)

 Fancy princess shoes.  She could not keep her hands off the chocolate strawberries!!  ( I couldn't either)

 This was the only picture that almost kind of turned out with all three girls!  She did not want her picture taken!!  Paisley and Lexie had no problem posing for the camera.  (And can I add that we did not coordinate dresses!  They all happened to come as different princesses!!)

 They love each other!

 Tired princess downing a cupcake after a long day of walking in those heels!
Even Stella got to play.  Love my sweet girlies.


  1. this is soooo cute...i need to do this with Lu sometime..she would eat it up.

  2. Oh how cute! All the girls look so adorable and looked like they had a blast!! I'm still in love with Stella's hair..and think she needs an award.. Possibly "best hair for a baby" award??

  3. Awww these are darling pics! Glad you could come and play!


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