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My heart is heavy, my body is sick and my head..ohhh..it pounds.  Both my babes are sick and I originally tried the just-ignore-their-colds-and-it-will-go-away approach and that didn't work too well.  Honestly I can't complain too much because normally by this time of year I've been sick 3 times and this ones the first real cold of the season.  AND the DOCTOR said we could give Paisley Benadryl.  She said it was a good thing to do.  The box says no, but the doctor said yes...sooo...I'm not a bad mom.  Just for the record.

I've watched some dear friends go through some really hard stuff in the last little while.  It makes my heart ache.  Oh, I want to fix and make everything better for everyone.  Its hard.

I get really vulnerable at wedding shows.  I shouldn't, but I do.  Or maybe I should...I don't know.  Knowing that your work is blatantly being judged and compared to everyone else's can get a bit scary.  And seriously...I bought everything for my booth at DI and I still can't tell if I looked cheap and thrown together or if it somehow worked.  Seriously, you should have seen some of these booths!!  Amazing!

Stella has started biting.  Intentionally.  How do I know it's intentional?  Because after I yelped the first time she did it again and again to get the same reaction.  Now she gets tapped on the forehead. I'm just so glad she doesn't have teeth!

Doing the showcase made me realize once again how high-maintenance Paisley really is.  She gets completely out of whack if she doesn't get her correct allotment of attention in a week and will act out and use any means possible to get it some other way.  It doesn't matter if it's negative or positive she NEEDS attention like most people need oxygen. (I'm a little bit the same way though...so I kind of understand.)  She's going to drive me crazy.

Anybody know anything about weight-lifting for women?  That's my next physical venture...let me know if you have advice or tips.


  1. awe my dear April I'm so sorry you've had a stressful last couple weeks. Just remember you are a an amazing mama and PHOTOGRAPHER! Take things one day at a time...you are the sweetest for wanting to fix everything and help everyone, that's what I love about you! Sorry don't know much about weight lifting..but I'm gonna give yoga a try so if you know anything about that let me know ;).

  2. Um. I love you. and I totally agree. the bridal faire was terrifying. awesome and great for meeting people and potential bookings but terrifying. I completely agree with the judgement part, and it made me question my apple box and burlap booth. adorable. but those CANOPIES and sky-high taj mahal booths are so intimidating. But if I could do it, you DEFINITELY can. because you are SO GOOD and have taught me SO MUCH!!! I look up to you so much and stalk your photos constantly. I want to see your booth and billboard!! :) LOVE YOU.


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