{storytime}: the car

A funny story for your Tuesday (but really Monday because of the holiday) morning:

Years ago our windshield on the Scion cracked pretty severely.  So severely that we couldn't pass inspection, which meant we couldn't register our car which eventually led to a ticket.  We finally fixed the windshield but unfortunately when they did it they didn't seal it perfectly so when it would rain we would have a waterfall straight into the CD player.  I got pregnant with Paisley around the time we figured this out and the only time they could see us back was at 7-8 AM in the morning to fix it.  Between the exhaustion and extreme morning sickness I kept putting it off, and kept putting it off and it rains so rarely here that I just wouldn't even think of it until we had a storm.  Thankfully the radio and disc player continued to work through all of this once it had dried out...

Anyway, I finally got it fixed (and it still took going back twice!!!  grr.) and the radio would work fine.  Randomly in the last year it has stopped working in cases of extreme temperature.  So whenever its super hot or super cold the radio just doesn't work.  This has been a pain with it being such a hot summer the radio has only worked sometimes....until I figured out this really, really random trick:

I drive up to check the mail at our mail boxes, usually when I'm coming back from errands so I have the kids with me.  I'm really paranoid about leaving the car running and shutting all the doors so I always crack the window and then get out (to keep the AC going and the cold in).  Strangely (and it must be done in this order and all of these things HAVE to happen...I've tried to see if it's just a single action, but it's all of them). If I put the car in neutral, pull up the brake, unlock my door, crack the window and get out and shut the door behind me...the radio will turn back on.  Yep.  Jon didn't believe me until I showed him.  Super random, but I hoped you enjoyed it.

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