{time}: little moments

For Labor day we went up to Pine Valley to have a fire and escape the heat and it was gorgeous!  I actually took pictures this time, so they'll be up soon ;)  I hate going to bed smelling like campfire because it sticks to your sheets!  So Stella and I hopped in the shower.

I love showering with my babies.  Especially when they're still so little...she had been upset before we got in but settled into my chest-content and peaceful.  I love having water babies-they're like me.  They love the water.

For a second I was washed over with the memory of her being born.  Her soft skin, her wet hair, her sweet baby smell...we are so blessed and privileged as women to experience birth and motherhood.  It brings tears to my eyes because I feel like you just can't hold on hard enough to all of these little moments before they come and go.

What a difficult time this is..desperately wanting them to stay little and snuggle a little longer but dying of curiosity to see who and what they become.  I can't help but encourage progression while wanting so badly to keep them both small.  Especially Stella.  Seeing the growth day to day in Paisley is too fun..but Stella can stay my squishy little snuggler forever...OOoooo babies.

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