{life}: is waxing

Did I ever mention how much this baby loves her Daddy?  So much.  She got her first haircut last Saturday night...I can't believe it still.  She really is such a gorgeous baby and has quite the head of hair!  She was getting tangles and snarls in the back so bad that I couldn't get them untangled so we got out the trimmers and trimmed her up!  She had a pretty bad mullet going anyway so I think it was a good thing.
Life is finally feeling more and more normal.  We have so many crazy things coming up I'm getting a little scared to give up our routine we've finally got going!  We're going to Georgia soon for a week and then I'm getting my tonsils out Nov 1st.  Then it's Thanksgiving and then Christmas...I just know it's all going to be a blur so I'm enjoying these last few weeks of winding down the summer.
I've been doing tons of photos lately and I can't wait to share!  I've had the privilege of doing several fun family shoots and I'm excited!
Halloween is coming!!  We scoured DI Saturday so I could get started on my costume!! And yes, you'll have to wait to see what I'm going to be.  It's an iconic woman that I've loved since I can remember...so excited!
MMMmmm fall...can I just tell you how excited I am to experience some of my fall in Georgia!!  With firefly's and southern cooking?!?!  The had caramels next to the apples at the grocery store and Bath & Body has all their fall scents out!  I love it all so much-snuggle weather, warm scents, apples, pumpkin everything, and sweaters!
Paisley is continually telling me new stories and growing so much.  I am the most entertained by her when she's talking to another critter that's her same size-it's crazy!  Mostly because I can hardly believe my critter is so big-seeing other critters that were so small with her and now so big just makes it that much more real!  Yesterday in church we sat next to another family with a girl her same age who was wearing the same dress as hers.  Paisley pointed out that hers was white and the girls was blue-not only recognizing colors but the fact that it was the same dress!  I know that's not a huge deal for a 3 year old, but it's still amazes me.  She and the girl had a full conversation about ABC cookies, crayons, saying thank-you and prayers.  It was really cute.
Life, like all things waxes and wanes...mine is waxing right now.  I am feeling so blessed-to be surrounded by so much love and such sweet little girls!

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  1. Much love to my spunky little rebel...my how you have grown into an amazing lady. So blessed and honored that you consider me part of that growth!

    thank you for not hating me for scolding you for keeping me up all nite at girls camp or for sneaking out of the tent on trek to meet boys... I promise I will never tell your mom or your daughters that you did either!


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