{craziness}: oh, nesting

Nesting is a very real phenomenon for me.  I get it really bad.  Last pregnancy they loved me at my jobs because I nested there more than I did at home.  I scrubbed and organized and generally wore myself out.  This time around it's been wonderful to be at home and nest here...but at the same time I've been a little crazy.  You see, my head pops off my pillow at 7 AM no longer able to sleep because I am now obsessing about X Y or Z and I cannot sleep until whatever that is has a plan and is taken care of and done.  Because I am up 3-ish times a night to pee I also have to fight to go back to sleep because I'm worrying about taking care of X Y or Z.  These variables may include:  Will we find a dresser?  Did I ask my midwife about this particular question?  Why is so and so mad at me?  Are they mad at me?  My dishes need to be washed.  I haven't put away the clothes.... Vacuuming...hmmm... Thankfully I have the good sense to stay in bed at least until the sun comes up but after that I'm screwed...  Anyway, with that I proudly show off the following projects that are now DONE!!!

Stella's Room:
 So when Paisley had this crib she happily attempted to eat it and there are little teeth marks and bits of finish missing from the top.  I'm hoping that having the guards across the top will help prevent Stella from doing the same.  I'm so in love with the fabric I found-I love color so much and this has lots!
 I revamped an existing mobile and this is the view from Stella's point of view.  I still have yet to wash a lot of things (such as the changing table!!) but it still feels so good to have it all put together.
 I put faces on the dang owls and I think they look silly because they eyes look bored...but they ended up being more effort than I wanted to put in so I don't know if I care.  lol

Paisley's Room:
 I've been collecting and putting things together for this for awhile.  Paisley and I spent all Friday painting and such to finish this up.  She is obsessed with the letter "P" and is super happy to have it hanging on her wall-particularly because it's sparkly.  The silhouette is actually her and was one of the more difficult things to do because she wouldn't hold still for me to take the dang picture!!  The orange frame was at the dollar store!  The blue/pink elephant was originally brown/pink and was an awesome gift from Rachel when Paisley was born.  The middle is a spring picture of the temple and the pic of her and Jon is a canvas that I finally gave up on stretching and just decided to pin to the wall.  I love that I took the picture crooked-I promise it's not that crooked on the wall!
And her blanket.  She loves.  I'm just so glad it worked out.  I found the fun fabric on etsy and fell in love.  She loves elephants and that's been her room 'theme" since she was born so I thought it would be fun to stick with it.  She loves minky fabric so I did the edges and elephant in minky so it's snuggly and the backing is a soft fuzzy fabric too that I found for really cheap (and was so glad to find out it survived being washed a couple of times now so it's not too cheap).  We may get her a bed frame someday, but in the meantime this has been working great.

This dresser is not nearly as neon as it looks in this pic.  I promise.  But it is really fun and bright.  I'm so happy with how it all worked out.  We've been looking for awhile now on craigslist and at DI and haven't been able to find anything.  Finally we went to DI on Saturday and there it was-the perfect dresser.  This isn't it.  This is Jon and I's old dresser that we've been wanting to replace forever.  I always figured we'd finally buy the one that went with our bed and give this to one of our kids so it worked out great.  The dresser we found matches our room perfectly and needs some love, but that's for another day.  It needs to be stripped and sanded and glossed and such and well, I'm tired.  So we got this painted and switched over and that was good enough!

I'm so glad that it's all done.  I have some sorting and washing and such to do, but I have a place to put the baby, Paisley's room is all put together and I'm feeling much better!!  Now, to get some cleaning done...


  1. Oh my goodness so cute...look at you! I love all of this the colors and patterns so cute. I love those crib guards. That pic collage is so awesome too.

  2. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! i NEVER and i mean NEVER have this kind of energy. you are amazing. i love all of it! now come on over to my house ;)


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