{summer}: family pictures

We finally did family pictures.  I started planning this in the Spring and originally was going to shoot them then but then I was busy...and then life this and life that...and then I realized we we could just wait for the Fair and do them then!  (of course, I still waited until the last minute to make my dress-even with months and months to do it!!)  I actually found Paisley's little dress at DI!!  I think it's authentic-it's yellow gingham with doilies on it and everything!!  Anyway, our friend Chad was kind enough to shoot them for us, I edited and I just loved how they turned out!!  It was SOO hot, but we brought a change of clothes so that we could have some fun at the fair!

This last one is my favorite.  Paisley could not take her eyes off this panda because she was SO confused.  She kept trying to talk to him and he wouldn't talk back and it was very upsetting to her.  We have a couple of stuffed animals that move or play music and she came home and then thought they were real too.  She sat in front of a monkey that we have that dances and plays music and said "hi" over and over again to see if he would talk and then got very upset when he never did.  She may be traumatized....
We went to the demolition derby again this year and it was awesome!!  We had a good time, but did not take any pictures...oh well.


  1. Such a dang cute family! Love these pictures.

  2. It looks like it was a lot of fun! They turned out way cute!


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