{smells}: like fall

It smells like fall at my house:
  • Pumpkin cookies baking...check!
  • Pumpkin candles...check!
  • Halloween box out...check! (this has its own smell of plastic, leaves and fall)
  • Halloween decorations....up!
As a general rule I wait until the first of October to put up decorations, but this afternoon just seemed like the right time.  I really got my hopes up when the weather changed that it would stay fall and it surely did not.  So yes, I have been putting up decorations with the AC blasting, but I'm really hoping we have lovely summer weather this weekend for our trip to the lake, and then after that COLD!!  PLEASE!!!  I'm so ready for snuggle weather.  Paisley had the best time helping me decorate-she loves the little battery operated tea lights and she is obsessed with candles!!  She must smell them!  She also loved making cookies, and I love that she can help (not that I worry as much as I should about raw egg, but these don't have any egg so there's no worry at all!)  Happy Autumn!!

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  1. I'm strangly excited for fall too and the delicious spells. Your house it the best during the fall, just saying. LOVE this recipe!- Thanks for sharing.


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