{events}: 9/11

There is so much that goes through my mind in association with this event.  It's funny because I was listening to the radio that morning and the DJ at the time thought the whole thing was some fluke accident.  He was cracking joke after joke about some moron that flew a prop plane into one of the towers...I'm sure he sobered up real fast after all of the news hit.  I remember going to school and the hallways BUZZING and I had no idea what to think of everything.  My first period Chemistry teacher desperately tried to stick with chemistry and none of us could pay attention.  Thankfully my seminary teacher at least let us watch the news...but it wasn't until I got the my 3rd period class that I realized that this was scary.  I was a teacher's aide for my German Teacher, Herr Koepplin, during his planning hour and he was kind enough to let me just sit and watch the news.  I watched the second plane hit and I remember turning to him and asking if we should be scared...if anything was going to happen to us and if my Dad was ok out at the site (a government nuclear laboratory).  I don't think he had anything to say...which scared me more.  Most kids left at lunch.  Those of us that stayed mostly watched the news.  Thankfully they let us into the library and pulled TVs out to the lunch room so we could watch.  It was terrifying.  I went home to my Dad being home (they released everyone from work that day at the site) and we stayed glued to the tv for the next couple of days.
Unfortunately, now I am an adult and I can see why these events took place.  And the fear that exists is much greater, because at this point there really isn't any doubt in my mind that this was an inside job.  I'm not into conspiracies...at all, but after watching the footage again it's pretty obvious that it was a demolition.  Just recently a tower in Dallas was hit by a plane and NOTHING HAPPENED, because towers that size don't collapse when they're hit by planes.  I could go into reason after reason BUT the important thing is that many families suffered loss that day and for that I am sorry.  I also have so much appreciation for the very brave that did everything they could to help in such a horrible disaster.  It doesn't matter how or why, what matters is all those that were so personally affected by such a tradgedy.   I'm so proud to be an American and to live in this great country.  I feel like there may be many scary things taking place at the top, but in the end I love the people that make up this country and the sense of unity we all gained surviving this event together.  May we never forget to care for our neighbor and fellow Americans and to appreciate those that serve our country.

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