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A recent conversation between parents:

Jon:  You know, this show could be so much shorter.
April: What do you mean?
Jon:  If Blue would just tell Steve what she wanted in the first place!  I mean it's ridiculous for him to have to go through all this stuff when she could just tell him!
April:  ?

I also found myself crouched outside Paisley's door during her naptime.  Jon discovered that if you hold his phone upside down we can use the camera to clearly see what she's doing during her naps.  Yesterday that included climbing up on her table, into the window (with blinds) and talking to the world outside, jumping on the bed and generally climbing on everything!!  The crazy thing is that you can't hear any of that downstairs!!

Lately I've been giving Paisley the option of wearing a diaper or panties.  She used to always choose the panties.  Lately she's been choosing the diaper everyday...I don't think she wants to deal with going potty any more than I do!!

She's been talking about her Da Da more and more too, and it's so cute.  I was gone all day Saturday and while Jon was here she fell off a chair on her head, which I guess was pretty traumatic.  While her and I were eating dinner later that night she pointed to the chair and said "I fall" and I said, "Oh?"  and she said "Dada help," while holding her head.  I can't wait until she's talking more!!  I just want to be able to understand everything she's saying!! 

I was having a rough day not too long ago and I had called Jon to whine and Paisley really wanted to talk to him.  So I handed her the phone and she said hello and I love you to Jon.  I could hear Jon ask her if I was right there, and she replied "Mama."  He then told her to give me a hug and she turned and gave me a big hug and said "I love you" and then my heart melted. 

She is such a character!!  Both her and I are struggling with allergies (not as bad as in the past, but they're still there!!) and so we've both been tired and a bit grumpy.  Oh!  And this seems crazy, but for the last 2 weeks I haven't gotten bountiful baskets and that has made such a difference in my mood!  I really think that eating fresh produce everyday makes you feel better in SOO many ways!!  I finally was going crazy so I went to Harmons last night and got a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies.   I've been reading and studying up more on Nutritional Therapy and I'm really starting to think that there's something to it-and it really wasn't until I put it into practice that I've realized the difference that eating healthier has.  It's not that we've not eaten healthy in the last 2 weeks, we just haven't been eating as many veggies and fruits as we have been and it really does make a difference!!  I have been grumpy, tired (and I know allergies don't help either) and honestly craving something wholesome to eat!  It's like we've had scurvy!   Anyway, all that stuff they try and teach in nutrition class is probably true..just sayin'...lol.

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  1. She is so nice. Seriously whenever we hang out I always think that she is just so calm and easy. Claire and Oaks are busy attacking each other and P just watches it all go down. She much be really smart too, to not get involved :)


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