{the hair}: more fun?

 So, it was time.  I had gotten stagnant in my hair coloring and I haven't been blonde in a really long time, so I figured, if I was going to go blonde, I really should go blonde for reals.  I actually wanted it as close to white as she could get it...and she did an awesome job!!  I'm lucky having short hair because you can fry it all in one session and go straight to platinum.  Those of you out there with the long hair are not so lucky.  Did I mention my hair feels like straw?  It does.  It's actually really weird because it really did make my hair a different consistency.  Luckily, I have the hair to do that too-it has survived worse.  I was super worried it was going to wash me out really bad and that my eyebrows were going to be terrible, but it didn't really wash me out to bad at all-I actually think this isn't as bad as all the times I've dyed it black.  Oddly enough I think Paisley has seen me in wigs and weird make-up enough that it did not phase her one bit when I came home from the salon.  She just giggled and pointed at me (I hope that 's a good thing).  We'll see if it's true about the "more fun"...


  1. It's defiantly a drastic change and I love it! Plus, I think you remind me of Pink? Not sure, just love this picture!

  2. seriously you look like Tink! i think it makes your eyes stand out they look ice blue!

  3. You little brat...you can literally pull of anything!


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