{resolutions}: a new year

This is always so hard because I'm so typical....but here are the resolutions:
  • I'm not saying lose weight out loud.  I'm not doing it.  Neglecting a diet and enjoying zumba has been great-I haven't gained any weight and currently I'm at a good milestone that way.  When it comes to weight loss, nothing ever works for me and if I don't think about it or talk about it too much, then at least I don't gain weight.  I have found that when my desires are to be healthy (such as the case of the candida) I have been much more successful-but if I say I want to lose weight out loud and I do things that most people do to lose weight, I tend to gain.  So I just want to be healthy...that's all.  So resolution #1 is to be healthier.
  • Along with resolution #1 I want to do a triathalon.  My sis-in-law Shannan is doing one in May and I want to try and participate.  I haven't made a final decision on this because I'm really enjoying Zumba and in order to train I will have to pick between the two-I'm sure I'll post more on this later.
  • Daily Scripture Study is another important goal for me.  Jon and I really have gotten out of this habit and we're working to get better at doing this nightly.  I finally realized that even if he needs to stay up all night to work on things, I can handle going to bed by myself and read my own scriptures. 
  • Earlier Bed time-Jon and I are nocturnal.  Seriously.  We can stay up until 3 and 4 in the morning like it's no big deal.  And I can feel it slowly killing my body.  I'm thinking with the increased physical activity this will become less of a problem...
  • Drinking more water is also something I want to focus on more.  I used to do really well when I worked-I had to have water with me all the time but now that I'm at home I forget.
  • Taking greater advantage of the awesome outdoors we have around us.  This one I am SUPER excited about.  We sat down and mapped out where we want to go this summer and when.  It's going to be awesome!!!  This is the other reason becoming healthier and more active is so important to me-I want to hike, bike and swim all over!
So these are some of my resolutions for the new year...I'm sure I'll post updates on all of them as we go!!  Happy New Year!


  1. Can we come and play with you this summer? I want to go hiking and take advantage of those things too!

    And we made the same goal about going to bed earlier too- it's so stupid, cuz we pay for it later.

    Good luck with your goals!

  2. Those are all totally doable. Go for the tri...if I can do a century bike ride at my advanced age you can do this!!


  3. You are CONSIDERING doing a triatholon? No considering needed, we should both do it and train together cuz I'll be down here! SO fun! :)

  4. Do you like Zumba? I think I'm going to try it.


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