{update}: the pregnancy

The most common questions I keep getting asked are now answered:
  • Yes, I am still sick.  No, it's not going away and it's just as bad with my second, if not worse.  I am starting to believe that the worse-ness of it is simply because I cannot sleep my life away like I was able to with Paisley because of, well, Paisley.  However, thankfully I am getting some energy back and while I still throw up my guts if I don't take my meds, the nausea isn't as strong...  Distraction seems to be the best medicine for me-getting out, seeing people, etc, but at the same time wears me out terribly.
  • We find out what we are having TOMORROW!!  Yes, I am SUPER excited.  I had no idea that my office would do a 16 week gender check and I am super excited to see what we're having.  I just want healthy really...a girl would be nice because we already have everything, but it would be so fun to have a boy...so it's hard to say what I want.  I kind of think it's a boy...but who really knows until they get here anyway, right?
  • Yes, I have the most amazing midwife in the world.  My awesome cousin Katie is a Nurse-Midwife here in StG and is backed by Dr. Lunt-who seems to be an awesome doc.  I am beyond excited that our hospital is currently installing tubs in 2 of their rooms including equipment to monitor while still in the tub.  They will also allow me to get in the tub if my water breaks (something they wouldn't let me do before) so I'm hoping if things go as quickly and as smoothly as they did with Paisley I can just pop this one out drug free.  We'll see.  Labor hurts-I remember that part, but water saved me last time-it was the getting out of the shower and monitoring that killed so I have high hopes that if I can stay in the water I can make it. 
  • I think, MAYBE I'm starting to feel the critter move.  Maybe.  There's been a few flutters here and there that seem familiar but nothing huge yet.  I can't wait for that.  That's my favorite part-and really the only reason I was willing to get pregnant this time.  It seems like Paisley was really distinct around 17 or 18 weeks so I hope I'm getting close...
  • And yes, I would love it if you want to come rub my feet and clean my house.  So sweet of you for asking...lol.  I'm trying really hard to stay positive and keep my chin up but some days are hard.  I really do have the best and most patient husband in the world.  He tries to take care of me and it's very sweet. 

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  1. Soooooooooooo jealous you will find out so quickly. As soon as you know what you're having- time goes by sooo much quicker- in my opinion. Sorry you are still miserable, when we're back in town we'll come and visit, or just kidnap Paisley for the day so you can sleep it off okay? Lots of hugs and loves!


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