{autumn}: pumpkin patch

I wanted so badly to get some cute pictures of Paisley with this amazing pumpkin patch in the background...instead, I was getting a lot of this...

and this....

And I did finally get this one, but only because she saw a doggie...

pumpkins hold still.  I like that.

I think this one is my fave.

Now guess how many pictures I had to take to get her in focus and not the fence!!!!  And I know, I could have just used the manual focus...BUT she kept moving!!!
Alecia's Grandfather up in Richfield, UT was SO kind to let us come play and pick out some super cool pumpkins!!  And we had so much fun :)


  1. Awe i love her sad face though!

  2. so fun! need to find a pumpkin patch down here!

  3. i love these pics, apey! (hahahaha, i couldn't help it!) i love her sad face too. i am glad you guys got to experience the famous Hansen pumpkin patch!


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