{update}: january

I feel like I need to post something because it seems like I haven't posted forever (which may be due to the fact that my last post is Christmas pictures). January was a surprisingly long month, which I don't necessarily mind, but it did seem to be longer than several of the months previous.  We're kind of running on the same old, same old routine at this point...but a couple of exciting and fun things:
  • Our silly girls shoot for this month was AWESOME.  Pictures will be coming soon.
  • We almost managed to make it through the month without getting sick-almost because we got sick just this last weekend.
  • We had some serious fun up at the Cooper's cabin...pictures will follow.
  • Jon and I were doing really, really well on most of our goals but have been sick/distracted/sidetracked and have sadly fallen right back into bad habits-today that will change!!
  • Our friend Chad and I went to a Community Ed Gardening class and we laid out plans for our garden yesterday!!  He has a fairly large back yard and we are going to utilize all of his space!!  I am so excited!
  • Along with the gardening we are looking into bee-keeping as well...we'll see what the official rules are in his area...
  • Paisley is teething, growing, learning, and sweet as can be.  She is recovering from the worst bum rash I have ever seen, thanks to Aveeno's bum cream and some awesome Vaseline. 
  • We recently took measures to protect our flat screen.  If you're wondering the best way to do that-its a quick $20 solution of plexi glass and velcro.  Most people can't even tell it's there and it has already saved our TV more than once!
I think that's about it...I've got some fun pics to post from said events so I'm sure I'll be around soon...;)

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