{inquiry}: is it just me?

I have a couple of important life questions that I feel I need the answer to:
  1. Because I have been working out, I have been showering more.  Because I have been showering more I have been breaking out more.  After a weekend of not showering my acne has cleared...and it seems that not washing my face, and not taking off my make-up seems to leave my skin happy and healthier that it is when it's clean.  Is this weird?  My first thought is that maybe I really was meant to be a hippie, but when it comes down to it I HAVE to shower after I work out because I smell.  I've tried moisturizers and gentle soaps, and no soap and it doesn't seem to matter!  Thoughts?
  2. It seems that my hunger is directly proportional to the amount of exercising I do and also the amount of physical contact I have (you know, with that husband of mine).  The more I exercise, the less I want to eat (which in the case of the exercising I'm doing is BAD) and the less lovin' I get, the more I crave sweets?  Also weird?
  3. Exercising is supposed to make you happy and healthy...why do I get sick every time I start a new work out?  And seriously, I don't know if it's because I'm older than I was but when does the soreness go away!!?! 
  4. It seems that as my desire to go outside rises, the temperature drops...which REALLY doesn't make sense here in St. George!!  Just as I'm loving going to the park with Paisley it's ridiculously COLD outside!!
  5. Why can a hobby that brings me so much joy as be accompanied by so much frustration!?!?!
  6. I feel like 25 years of life in I should be pro at communicating with people but I still struggle sometimes!  Is that weird?  Is that going to be a continual life challenge because it's making me crazy!
  7. And lastly, after working out for 3 weeks solid, I had not lost a pound-and I hadn't been too restrictive or too loose, but after going to a cabin, doing nothing and eating crap for an entire weekend I have finally dropped 3...
I often find myself shaking my head and wondering...


  1. 1-Actually the extra acne comes from a change in hormone levels. Exercising increases testosterone levels, which produces the acne. Once your body gets used to the hormone levels, it will balance out.

    2-Plan out a week of lunches and dinners and follow it. Keep it balanced, but make sure you eat it! As far as the "sweetie" thing goes...don't ask me;)

    3-You still need to keep up with immunity boosting vitamins, but just more of them. But the soreness (for me), takes about a week to go away. Stretch more...do some yoga.

    4-I'm not God, so I don't know.

    5-Because it's life.

    6-I think it's a continual life lesson.

    7-You're probably building muscle, and burning calories at the same time. Don't gage it by how much weight you loose for at least two months.

    *Disclaimer: I am not, and should probably not be used for professional correct advice. These are things I've heard or experienced myself.

  2. no, its not just you! keep up with the exercise, seriously! i can relate to you though. last summer/fall i was trying to lose weight, and it seems like no matter what i did, i couldn't lose one single pound. its not a very good incentive to exercise and eat healthier is it? i blame it on my "thyroid". who knows if i really have a thyroid problem but i tell myself that and it makes me feel better about not being able to lose weight. keep it up though, you do feel better when you're healthy!


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