{shenanigans}: life & death

Alicia, the blushing bride.

 Staci and Stephanie...the dear sweet twins.

 Alex, the sad, sweet widow.

 CoreyAnn, the peasant.

 April, the Snoot.

 Can you find all six of us?
This was WAY too much fun!  I have been dying to post them but had to wait until Silly Girls upload day!  The living pictures were taken at Brigham Young's actual winter home and the dead pics were taken at a real ghost town-Grafton!  It was so scary because we ended up shooting until 2-ish in the AM out at that spooky cemetary!!  And I am very proud to say that the transparent effects were all done in-camera (no photoshop for that!!)  We did do a little bit of coloring and such but all the scary stuff was real!!  So much fun!  I love Halloween!

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