{illness}: fed up

I am sick.  AGAIN.  I am so sick of being sick.  It is never ending!!  I have been more sick in the last year and a half than I can ever remember being!!  I have never had allergies like this before!  And I know that my allergies are weakening my immune system so I've tried to treat them and it doesn't seem to help!  I started taking allergy meds again which has helped and I've tried to get more sleep, exercise more, eat better and I've even been taking a mulitvitamin and some pom juice (for good measure) and I still get sick!!  I've tried addressing my emotional issues...I've tried drinking more water...I've tried eating local honey...I've tried nasal strips...I'm frustrated.  I'm tired of continually having a runny nose.  It's beginning to wear on me.  To top it off I can't wear my wedding ring because my winter hands have already gotten so bad that you can see a bright red mark where it belongs.  Only half of my throat has been swelling with my allergies lately and my ears healed up again where my piercing used to be because I took out my earrings for more than a day!!  I also have a canker sore in the very back of my mouth that is making it hard to eat and I had a headache so bad last night I felt like I was going to throw up.  Am I dying?  Someone tell me the truth...  I've actually been putting in the effort to avoid this problem only to end up worse than I've been!!


  1. So here is my theory from only a slightly medical perspective. Our fat cells store lots of things besides fat. They store toxins like drugs and viruses and allergens. When we start to eat better, exercise, take care of ourselves, etc, we release a lot of those toxins so instead of feeling better we feel worse! But it won't last forever!! On the other hand, having a baby really screws up your body so this might just be the way you are.

  2. holy crap april.. i read your blog and i ALWAYS say to myself, hey! i feel that way too!! k i don't have allergies, but i go through a lot of the same feelings as you. seriously, i thought i had cancer the other day... my body is so screwed up. i'm nauseous a lot, tired, headachey, but NOT pregnant! its so crazy and scary. hope you get to the bottom of it. i love how real you are! i love reading your blog.


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