{adventures}: snow day

This weekend we had the awesome opportunity to go up to our friend's parent's cabin up on Cedar Mountain and it was so much fun!!  We had all of our kids running around and playing non-stop along with all of us parents.  We played Wa-hoo, I finally caught up on my scrapbooking, and we got to play in the snow!  Something we never get to do down in St. George!  We had such a good snow day...

 Jon's glasses are all wet from playing outside.

 The only candid picture of both of us...

 I love this baby and this man!

 We thought with the snow we would attempt some family pictures but it got dark a lot faster than we thought it would so we only got a few...

Do you like our Christmas jammies!?!  Mmmmm...it was so fun to go visit the cold and the snow-hopefully our trip home through the snow goes as well...


  1. Oh my!! That picture of me vaccuming is so not cool! Yikes!

  2. it was so fun! good thing you took some pics because I just didn't even touch my camera.

  3. i love these pics, love that 50mm 1.8, and love that seventies action you are using! (do you love how i can tell all of this!?) I am WAY WAY jealous, even though i hate the snow. THIS LOOKS SO FUN! i want family pictures in the snow! LUCKY!

  4. Family pictures are darling. Especially in those jammies. ;) Looks like you guys had some serious fun!


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