{holidays}: the new year

{I've kept adding and adding to this, so i think it will be revisited a bit before it's done.}
This year has been a year of great kindnesses for us. We have been blessed by so many more than we could ever know. We have been showered with love, support, gifts, advice, and food:
  • Thank you to all of you that pay your taxes. You paid for my Zofran, prenatal care, and childbirth. Without medicaid I could not have survived my pregnancy (literally) and would not have the beautiful baby I have today.
  • Thank you for the baby gifts and help. We needed it.
  • Thank you to my Relief Society for providing meals for 2 weeks instead of one.
  • Thank you Jessa, for lifting my spirits and coming to visit for my birthday-I needed you then.
  • Thank you for your help, all of you at the Bridal Show. I could not have done it without all of you!
  • Thank you, ALL of you that helped us move. We physically would not have been able to do it alone-I was getting big then.
  • Thank you too the wonderful people that take care of our housing-we are so blessed to live in such a clean, friendly environment.
  • Thank you to all of Jon's professors for letting him off the hook every now and again.
  • Thank you Shroomies for feeding us. You have kept my husband alive!
  • Thank you all our friends for going on picnics, camping, swimming, and sitting on our couch to watch movies. We love you all and need your support.
  • Thank you Jon Cross for the Chinese food. It has never tasted better than when you brought it to us.
  • Thank you parents, all of you, for everything.
  • Thank you Dave for everything. Especially for posting every season of the Office and Flight of the Concords on the server. That got me through the last of the pregnancy
  • Thank you Christina...you poor woman stuck with me in the August heat and grumpiness.
  • Thank you Anna for offering me the job-we miss you.
  • Thank you for the Christmas Cookies and delicious Cinnamon rolls...mmmm...
  • Thank you for coming to the blessing...it was wonderful to have you all meet our baby girl
  • Thank you for visiting in the hospital...I love you all.
  • Thanks for coming to visit me in my store-I love seeing friends!
  • Thank you to everyone for everything. We love you all and have had quite the year. I can't imagine what is in store for us in 2010!
  • Thank you Sarah, for your blog and telling me you can't spoil a newborn. I've passed that on to many...
  • Oh, and thank you, whoever left a washer and dryer on our back porch. I don't even know what to say it was such a surprise. At least let us know who it was so we can hug you...


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  2. I'm glad someone reads my blog. (:

    This is a really cool list. You guys have had an eventful year. I'm glad that at the end of it you can see so many good things.

  3. it is good
    i like it


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