{holidays}: resolutions

I've always wanted to make and keep New Year's Resolutions. And for awhile, I made new resolutions every year and every year I had already quit mid-February. I am proud to say that sometime around the beginning of last year I decided to commit to getting to church on time and I can happily say that we have been successful with that. Which is even more amazing because we have a munchkin. This year I need to come up with a new lifestyle. I know that sounds weird, but I can't use the word diet. You see, I need to lose weight, but I must, MUST do it in such a way that I can maintain. I feel so cliche saying that is my resolution, but really, it's what I need to do. Pregnancy conviently provides your body with extra skin in which to fill with fat unless you do something about it and I'm thinking now is better than later. I'm struggling...if I count every calorie I put in my mouth I feel like I'm dieting and ultimately I feel deprived and I binge. Sadly the only time in my entire life I have successful lost weight is when I gave up food altogether. I can't do that right now because a. it's bad and b. i'm a cow. literally. And I was dancing 6 hours a day. I just don't have time for that at this point. This discourages me. A lot. Ever time I've commited to losing weight I have failed which has actually led to weight gain. I've worked out for months at a time on a strict diet and had absolutely nothing happen. I don't budge a pound. Needless to say, I am very afraid to make any commitments, but at the same time, I need to get it together. I don't know what to do. I'm frustrated...


  1. Me too, and the baby will be 2 this month. My mii looks just like yours, if not fatter. If we lived close by, we could be running/workout buddies. I lost all the weight with Kaija, but we're just too busy to get to the gym. Miss you! Can't wait to see that cute baby of yours (she'll probably be old when I do!).

  2. April- this is one of my resolutions too.. I'm going for 15LBS by april. I've already lost some weight because of Jakes illness. :) So maybe you should try eating like a diabetic. its working for me, and splenda in cooking actually tastes really good! then you don't have to feel the guilt of eating the sugar. Its great! We have a bunch of really good recipes already let me know if you want some! and you know how I feel about food..


    -Feel good
    -Eat healthy, but not deprivingly
    -Be happy
    -Find cute clothes to fit your figure
    -Throw scale out the window

    It's like you said, being preoccupied with it probably makes it worse. You are beautiful, just enjoy what is! That's my vote, anyway.


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