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I'm re-reading Twilight. I've seen the movie too many times and the book really is better. It makes me very disappointed in the movie. The book actually develops their relationship where the movie does not. And Bella and Edward actually have chemistry in the book, which is viciously lacking in the movie. Overall, it's been a good re-read.

I'm also reading the BOM. Again. I skipped the first part and went straight to Helaman. I've read 1 Nephi too many times, enough to last a life time, so I now skip around when ever I read it. I skip Alma often because its hard to read about battle after war after battle. I know there's a point in the end, it's just not my favorite. And I always leave Moroni for the last-I think he's one of my favorites, and I like all his chapters. I always pictured him as an awesome Grandpa-the kind that tells you crazy stories about the war or something...

This book is out of necessity. It is wonderful. If I was every to recommend a parenting book-this is it. I love having a heads up of what's next, what to freak out about, what to not freak out about, and really how to get through things. For example, sippy cups. I never had thought twice about them, and they have an entire chapter about rethinking ever giving them to your child. Its interesting...

And of course, I am america and so can you. This book is FUNNY. Really, really funny, and perfect for nights when I get scared and can't go back to sleep. And just to mix it up a little. I love it. Steven Colbert is hilarious.

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