A few announcements...

  • I am still pregnant.
  • Today is my due date.
  • Aubree (who was due after me) had her baby yesterday and I cried in jealousy.
  • Jon would not let me go on any of the carnival rides at the Fair yesterday because of my "condition."
  • I'm tired of having a "condition"
  • People look at me funny when I tell them that I would like to be in the hospital anytime in the near future.
  • And even with my condition, I managed to be in the parade this morning with the halloween store-pink wig and all.

I will post again when things are looking a bit brighter...


  1. Loved the birth plan! Things will get better, I promise! I also LOVE the name Paisley. Good luck!

  2. Seriously...I'm down with you going into the hospital ASAP. Please go. Go! You know how I feel about suspense...plus, it would be super awesome if Paisley was here when I come down this weekend...


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