Due to this magic little pill, I AM ALIVE!!  Typically this is a cancer patient anti-nausea, but can I tell you I LOVE IT!!  I feel like myself again.  4 months straight of throwing up everything you eat can really put a damper on life.  And the weather is getting warmer, the sun has come out of the clouds, and I am not a sad depressing soul anymore.  I pretty much stopped blogging there for a bit because it was just too sad.  Last weekend was my birthday.  Unfortunately, because Rachel and I are photographers, we certainly don't take any pictures of ourselves...thank goodness Jessa had her iphone....

We went to Pirate Island Pizza.  It was awesome.  You'll notice I am wearing a sweet bandana, and Jessa let me borrow her eye patch.  It was so fun having her visit...good times.


  1. Gills are pood.

  2. HI! I found you through Jen's blog! How are you?! Congrats on the pregnancy! That's so exciting!


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