If I had a million dollars...

If you're having a down day, and you need a pick me up, listen to this song by the bare naked ladies.  I am once again so sick and miserable and editing a bunch of pictures that I have no energy for and this song made me laugh out loud.  I've had a hard time being down lately.  I just want to be my happy normal self.  Motivated, energized and happy but I am perpetually sick and miserable all the time.  It's really hard to find any piece of myself in this tired sick body.  I just can't handle throwing up anymore.  All the energy I have goes into work.  I'm kind of a downer.  Don't listen to me, go listen to the song.  I particularly like the part where they say they won't eat kraft dinner anymore, and then, of course they will, they'll just eat more.  It's true...


  1. If I had a million dollars I would buy you a green dress. But not a real green dress 'cause that's cruel.

  2. You know what, STOP your complaining and get over it.

    Just kidding. That's what I feel like everyone thinks about me too; I know it's not nice to hear. Complain all you want -- we'll deal with it. If you get REALLY bored I have a second novel to be read. Just tell me and I'll email immediately!

    :D Let's hang. Come over if you want out of the house.

  3. The bridal show looked awesome! You are living my dream with your photography- even if it is a real downer for you right now. I hope you start feeling better soon, because you just aren't April if you aren't crazy and fun!

  4. jon probably doesn't remember this, but dennis and i sang this song at our wedding instead of a money dance. We earned $57.00 in dennis guitar case!
    Also, sorry i missed your birthday last week. i hope jon treated you like a princess.


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