{potty training}: hopefully a means to an end...?

On Thursday a garbage truck came to pick up our garbage (the big kind with the hooks on the front to lift up dumpsters) and it scared Paisley.  At the exact moment that she expressed her fear of the big truck a horrible, awful idea occurred to me:

"Paisley, if you poop on your floor again I'm going to have to give your snuggles to the garbage truck" (snuggles is her most favorite comfort object and blanky)

"That truck?  The scary fire truck?"

"Yep.  The scary fire truck"

She has not pooped on her floor since going 3 days strong...

Pray for me that terrorizing her with this is the answer.


  1. Scaring your kids into behaving FTW! Good game team.

  2. I'm laughing. That is horrible . . . and I'm pretty sure every parent on earth has done something like it!

  3. Perfect! Whatever it takes to win the battle.


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