{birthdays}: paisley

This year Paisley's birthday was a complete bust.  I had this wonderful plan to have all the children run rampant at a pool instead of at my house, I had these super fun cupcakes in mind for eating, and all in all it was going to be a simple and fun time...

On Friday, the day of the party I found out I had strep (and had had strep for a week by then), and also found out that due to school starting the pool would be closing at 6.  (They failed to tell me this when I called and asked them if we could do her party there on the 17th from 6-8...grrr).  But in the end it turned out ok.  We came here instead, ate delicious costco cake (I wasn't about to bake or touch ANYTHING), and colored my little pony pages.  I think she had a good time.  I hope so.
I started looking at the folders of her birthday's so far and couldn't help but compare:

1st Birthday:
 2nd Birthday:
 3rd Birthday:
 She has grown up so fast!!  I still can't believe that she's 3!!  And talking and doing SOO much!  We just love her ♥


  1. Awe happy birthday sweet paisley girl. I'm actually more impressed by the ever changing color of your hair April! ;)

  2. She's so stinking cute. Happy bday, Paisley Mae! PS pretty sure Jon wore the same shorts to 1st and 2nd bday parties ;-) LOVE YOU ALL!

  3. I'm more impressed with your hair changing too. It completly suprises me that we have yet to come to one of her birthday parties. :( Sorry we're such horrid friends!


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