{a list}: yep.

It's a list kind of day:

  • Favorite snack: dark chocolate chips and raw almonds.  Or just raw almonds...they've been my life saver!
  • There are so many life lessons to learn from Finding Nemo.  It's Paisley's favorite-she asks multiple times a day if we can watch it.  I try to keep it down to only a couple of times a week, but it is her FAVORITE.  
  • I downed a double double from In-n-Out yesterday and it was satisfying.  I just haven't yet really gotten back my appetite so any day that I'm good and hungry and I get to fulfill that is always wonderful.  Unfortunately, I'm finally having more days like that where I want food, just as I'm starting to run out of room... 
  • Paisley is doing amazing at potty training!!  Even when we go out she's been telling me she needs to go!  So exciting!  I'm just worried that she's going to regress when this baby gets here... :(
  • Jon just traded his truck for a ridiculous pink geo metro.  He's so excited.  It gets very good mph and he'll be commuting soon so it's a good thing.
  • I'm finally starting to get some projects done.  Pictures will follow...
  • Pregnancy brain has been really bad lately and I almost have to go to sleep in front of the tv just to turn it off.  I pop awake worried and desperate to get things done WAY too early in the morning, just to wear myself out long before lunch... Ooohhh and I have been GRUMPY.  I don't remember being this sore and achy and grumpy at this point with Paisley, but maybe I was.  I feel bad for my poor husband.
  • I planted some basil and thyme and they are going to stay ALIVE.  It's going to happen this year-normally I kill them off pretty quick but this year will be different!
  • Did anyone else ever have panic attacks in pregnancy?  I had one the other night (I got out of breath reading aloud and couldn't catch my breath back) which sounds so silly but I really had to fight not to totally freak out.  I'm carrying pretty high so she's squishing my lungs but wow...I've been doing zumba and haven't ever had that happen...
  • And some of the best news ever...they're making an Anchorman 2!!!

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