{thoughts}: on a tired monday

Today, a list.

  • Is anyone else bugged that you HAVE to use chrome to blog now?  I'm super stubborn about what browser I use and I'm bugged...
  • I hate doing laundry.  I don't mind washing it, but I don't want to fold it and I REALLY don't want to put it away.  ug.
  • It is amazing how my house can be spotless-moped, vaccumed, scrubbed and smell-free one day and completely destroyed top to bottom in a matter of 3 days.  And when I say destroyed, I'm not messing around.
  • My child who was once potty trained, has decided to pee where ever she wants.  awesome.  In her defense, she's getting some molars and has been having a rough go with it, but still...
  • I love the sunshine.  I feel so blessed to live here in StG where it shines all year round.  Nothing lifts my spirits like going to the park and basking it it.
  • I have to pee.  again.  and always.
  • Does anyone have a quick cure for anemia?  It's killing me.  I'm on supplements, and I'm trying to eat more steak but I just want to be cured today.  please?
  • I probably need a nap...this list was a wee bit more grumpy than I'd like to admit I'm feeling...


  1. If you don't already have one, get a cast iron skillet and cook your steak (and everything else) in it.

    Girlfriend, you be grumpy if you want to be! <3

  2. You HAVE to use chrome? Really? I just use chrome anyway, so I never would have known. That's pretty lame for the nonchrome users out there.

    I hate folding laundry. Doing it is easy . . . putting away is ok. Getting it folded is not so bueno.

    If it makes you feel any better, we're still working on Liza's potty training. This week I am literally dragging her into the bathroom reminding her that she's a potty princess, setting timers, WHATEVER I can think of just to get her to sit on the potty. On Sunday we sat in my parents bathroom with her screaming for 30 minutes before she finally gave in and went. I think diapers would be easier. But if we go back, she'll never potty train.

    Maybe we should have a pee party with the two pregnant women peeing every two seconds and confining our daughters on the potty so they can't just pee on the floor.

    Enjoy your nap.


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