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Ok, so I am led to believe that people are reading this blog because of my counters and the new super easy Stats tab that has been provided, but no one is commenting...am I not writing anything worth commenting on? Do you read and scratch your head and think to yourself..."hmmm, she's just a nut case. I have nothing to say"? Sometimes I wonder if I am offensive? or controversial...but not really, I just like to believe that I'm controversial. Or do we just need a "like" button so we don't have to worry about commenting? So with this I add 6 statements for you to comment about that are extremely controversial:
  • I like milk. A lot. There are 6 gallons of milk in my fridge currently and they will be all gone by next week. promise.
  • I just got released as the Family History Consultant in our ward. I am now the 2nd Counselor in the Relief Society-which I am loving already!!
  • I drive a car that is shaped like a toaster. Oh yes, be jealous.
  • My baby is cuter than yours. That's right-try and argue with me. We're all thinking the same thing...
  • I talk to Paisley continuously-particularly while we're at the store and people sometimes stare at me. My sister was with me yesterday and she had taken Paisley out of the cart and I didn't realize it. I was telling her all about the cheese I was looking at and asking her which kind to get and I turned and realized that Paisley was gone with my sis down another aisle. I did however have an audience of people staring at me, inquisitively...
  • I refuse to wear clothes in my own house. I do not look forward to my children growing up and realizing this because I may actually have to start wearing clothes...horrible!!

Ok, so I'm not very controversial. Now go ahead and scratch your head...I know, I'm a nutcase ;)


  1. 2nd counselor in the relief society. Isn't that for old people. just kidding that will be way more fun than family history! You will be good there.
    and paisley is pretty cute for a girl, but Reed is the cutest boy I know. :)
    I also hate wearing clothes and now that I have people living with me it has been quite an adjustment. especially while I am pregnant and can't wait to get my clothes off!

  2. #1 That's how my home growing up was. I was in charge of getting 3 gallons from Reed's Dairy- every other day!
    #2 That's a big job, I'm glad you like it!
    #3 I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks they're toasters on wheels!
    #4 I'm sorry, my baby really is cuter than yours. But don't tell Paisley!
    #5 I still get weird looks and my kids are older. Hello, am I just supposed to pretend like they're not there?
    #6 In this respect, I think you're crazy. I can't even go to bed in just my underwear. I don't know why, I just like to be dressed!
    #7 I'm a horrible commenter, so can this count for the next six posts?

  3. I read you I just don't always have time to comment, sorry!

  4. Agreed. Paisley is adorable...at least until MY kids are born! ha! ;)

  5. :Ick on the milk thing. I mean it is good with a chocolate chip cookie and all, but otherwise...too much sugar for my bod to handle.

    : I once had a nightmare that I was called as RS 2nd counselor...I woke up in a cold sweat and Hunky Hubby had to rock me back to sleep.

    :Toaster car? Beyond cool!

    : My babies are danged cute...but Paisley IS adorable.

    : Keep talking it builds vocabulary (yours and hers).

    :And you know how there is always a "crazy cat lady" in every neighborhood? You can be the "crazy naked lady"! How awesome is that!?

  6. I like to comment...some times...but I totally understand where you're coming from. Yes you have a cute baby and it's totally ok to talk to them in public...I do it all the time!! Wearing clothes is overrated!! And I love milk too!!! You make me laugh!! I love you!

  7. I love that you talk to Paisley at the store. I talked to Lauren all the time before she could respond and frequently was given weird looks as well. I laughed out loud at your story since your sis took her down the isle. Classic. By the way I enjoyed your lesson very much on Sunday.

  8. April I love reading your blog! If you like comments, I will definitely start leaving them. It sounds silly (I don't have a blog) but I didn't realize people liked comments :) So thank you for mentioning that!

    Girl it is so nice to read what you're up to. Especially on a rainy London day like today. Keep the sunshine from St. George coming! xoxoxoxo

  9. I want an xb sooo bad!!! But I would settle for a nitro or cube as well ;)


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