A drink of blue...

So I went ahead and put this in my car yesterday and just let it play and oh, it is so delicious...I love weezer.  And with the blue album there is no skipping around and listening only to favorites-they are all favorites.  I love it.  In other news, being a Mom is hard.  Yep, surprise.  They all tell you this over and over, but it really is.  Things have gotten better the last 2 nights, but last weekend up until then was rough.  Paisley has been sick and Saturday night I got really sick too.  She's super congested and it is terrifying to hear her gag and cough and be congested all night.  Needless to say I was up with her non stop for a couple nights in a row and it was really tough.  It is really hard to lose that much sleep-you really do turn into a zombie.  I actually had the thought as I was wondering around Wal-mart to get nasal spray "Are all these people real?  Am I dreaming or am I really here?"  Probably shouldn't have been allowed to drive...but she's feeling better and I'm learning what to do and what not to do in the middle of the night to keep her sleeping.  Hopefully it continues to work...


  1. My Name is Jonas, I'm carrying the wheel. Thanks for all you've shown us, this is how we feel!

  2. I remember reading in a baby magazine about a lady (who had a newborn baby) walking around thinking "everything is shimmering... this is so much worse then I thought it would be." And I laughed, because I remember those feelings.

    You guys seem like you're doing great, though. I'm so glad she's feeling better. She's so cute.


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