I am a water creature...

I love the water.  Love, love, love the water.  I have been begging Jon to go swimming all week and we finally went last night and we weren't even there that long but all I needed was some time in the water.  I really relate to the movie Big Fish in that very odd way.  I was thinking about it too-I have a history with water.  I started swimming long before I could remember and my Mom had to really keep an eye on me around water even before I could walk because I would find ways to make it into the water.  My most fervent prayers as a child were to please be turned into a mermaid.  I was The Little Mermaid for Halloween a couple years in a row.  In 4th grade when we had to pick a historical place or monument in Idaho Falls to do a research project about, I chose the Idaho Falls Aquatic Center.  I took every swim class there was, and I even did all of the swimming merit badges.  I went on to Swim Teams, and then became a lifeguard and a swim teacher and started teaching those merit badges and coaching the swim teams.  I don't know if the chlorine just gets into your system or what, but I love it, and when I'm away from it for too long, I really do feel like I start to dry out-I need it.  Oh, and the exquisite pain relief that comes from sliding into that water.  Maybe I just like to be weightless.  I just love the water...


  1. Considering she shares your DNA, I think that Paisley will be a waterbaby too. Maybe you should do a waterbirth just in case though. I hear that those are the least painful...don't quote me on that though ;-)

  2. Reading your post brings back memories. You know how on the swim team you can not swim for a few days and then lick your arm and instantly you can smell the chlorine again. Thats totally gross to anyone who hasn't swam, (hopefully you know what I'm talking about and I don't sound like I have poor hygine:)) It really does become apart of you though.


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