And Here we have Idaho...

Finally, my baby sisters graduated.  
Idaho Falls got a Cafe Rio!
You'll notice I caught her with her tongue out and everything...
Oh yes, this is the very upscale Bed Bath & Beyond in Idaho Falls.  They totally have John Deere everything for the entire house... 
And, last but not least, our favorite.  These were for sale at a gas station right over the border into Idaho.  If you just can't bring yourself to cut off the sleeves on one of the denim shirts you already have...you can buy them cut off and already frayed for you!
It was so nice to see our families.  We don't get to see them very often, so it's always nice to go.  The weather was fabulous-rainy but not too cold the entire time.  And we got to see everyone, including my Grandma Clark who flew up from Texas for my sisters graduation.

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  1. And the sleeveless denim shirts cost 14.99! Oh my. We should go into business.

    I'm glad you guys got to go up and see the families. My neice graduated this year too, and it threw me for a loop. Makes you feel old, no?


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