{update}: random thoughts on a tired day

  • I cried some sweet tears of joy this morning.  I feel so incredibly blessed right now in my life and I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude.  I have 2 amazing jobs in life where people invite me in to their most important precious moments and let me capture them all and drink them in.  It's wonderful.
  • Yesterday I was helping Stella walk with her stroller and she deliberately stopped specifically so she could pull my hand off so that she could do it BY HERSELF.  This is where it starts!!
  • Paisley is either a wonderful sweet dream of a child..or something you see out of the children-terrorizing-adults part of movie.  She just found a purple hair extension and wanted me to put it in her hair so desperately she was willing to let me put a barrette in her hair to keep it in.  Her first words: "I can't wait to show DADDY (with a super mischievious smile)!!"  Sooo naughty that one.
  • I think people are starting to think I'm becoming a home birth weirdo.  I am a little bit-but not so much that I would ever judge or be mean to anyone!  I will always support making the best decision for YOU-wherever and with whoever that may be!  My biggest hang up is education- I just want women to study and learn everything that they can so that they know what they want to do!  Promise.
  • I think I'm sold on front loading washers.  We found ours on craigslist for a smokin deal and I've been super happy so far!
  • We love our house.  I have a mountain of editing to catch up on or I would be posting pics...I really will someday!
  • I'm completely in love with a bag that costs $350.  It's on sale for $220 and still NEVER in a million years would I spend that...but I still find myself wandering back over to the site just to look at it...and see if they have a cheaper one that can measure up to it.  They don't.  I want THAT one.  I really can't tell you why...for some reason it is THE bag I WANT. (Oh, yes-and this obsession has been going on for like 6 months)  Grrr.  Seriously, it's silly but I just keep coming back to it...

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