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I had a good mother's day.  I cooked all of my own meals, I didn't get any flowers, chocolates or cards BUT my husband was smart enough to redeem himself by giving me some unique treats.  He finally let me wax his eyebrows (I have been wanting to for the last 7 years!!!  YAAAYY!!), he and I practiced a bunch of birthing positions to see what we like, and he gave me a nice foot rub.  AND he almost stayed awake through an entire birthing documentary I've been wanting him to watch.  It was very sweet.

Stella is getting big.  She also seems to be getting a bit uncomfortable as well.  Last night I can honestly say she was hurting me.  She is head down and kept sticking her bum out as hard as she could on one side while her feet were sticking out the other.  I think she just wanted to stretch.  I'm so ready to meet her.  She has started to "startle" too.  If I've been quiet for a bit and I yell or there is a super loud noise she jumps.  It's funny.

I hate my kitchen floor.  so much.

Paisley is making more sense.  She is working so hard to group more and more words into coherent thought.  It's really interesting.  She's been acting out more and overly cuddly some days and then super easy going and sweet others.  I think she knows somethings coming.  Or she's just 2.  Who knows.

I have successfully FINALLY kept some plants alive on my back patio!!  And I'm super proud of myself!  I have basil and thyme sharing a planter and they are still alive and thriving!!  I'll have to take a picture.  This may never happen again.

I hate selfish people.  I also hate insincere gratitude.  I love to help people but not when they act that way.  It just makes it awful.

I'm super excited to see all of my family at the end of this month including my Grandma!!  It's not often they all come to St. George which makes my life so easy.  I just hope I get to really see everyone with all the craziness of the wedding.

And wish me luck.  Jon and I are embarking on a pioneer trek this weekend with our ward.  Paisley has never had to pee out in the woods and so I'm hoping that goes well.  It's going to be a fun camping trip...I hope!

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  1. LOL what is it with you and camping while 8 months pregnant? Seriously, girlfriend. Go to a SPA for a week or something!


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